Sound Insulation Testing

Airborne Sound Insulation Testing to the BS EN ISO 10140 series of standards on products including but not limited to:

  • Doorsets – single or double
  • Windows & Glazing
  • Seals & Fittings

Following the receipt of your detailed drawings and descriptions of the specimens to be tested, our experienced technicians will adapt the modular partition wall to an opening size of your choice ready for your installers and create a programme for testing designed to minimise downtime and maximise the number of available tests on the day.


A purpose-built sound transmission suite compliant with BS EN ISO 10140-5:2010

The suite consists of two reverberation rooms with a dividing partition wall containing the test specimen. In the source room, extremely loud pink noise is produced whilst rotating microphones measure frequency-dependent sound levels in both the source and receiving rooms.

In this way, the difference in sound levels between the rooms can be calculated.

With corrections for background noise and reverberation time the sound insulation performance of the test specimen can then be determined.

This performance is expressed in third-octave frequency bands and summarised by a single figure weighted sound reduction parameter Rw that may then be used in product literature. The sound transmission suite has been suppressed sufficiently to enable measurement of Rw = 65dB.

If our sound insulation test solutions don’t cater for your needs, CALL can offer a bespoke testing solution on request. For further information and advice or to discuss testing please contact us at or call us on 01223 837 007.

Our laboratory test aperture measures at 2.7m high x 3.7m wide.