Noise Survey

Our noise surveys involve the use of our sound measuring equipment to describe the sound environment of an area. Here at CALL our wide range of noise surveys aim to assess different aspects of our sound environment, which include:

  • Noise Impact Assessments
  • Industrial & Commercial Noise Surveys
  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Noise at Work Surveys

If you’re planning to install a new air-conditioning unit or extractor fan, you’ll require an industrial noise survey to help ensure that you won’t be adversely impacting on the local environment.

Industrial noise surveys are undertaken to comply with BS 4142:2014. Our acoustic experts will ensure that your industrial noise survey includes everything necessary to ensure your project or development meets the required standards.

After undertaking an industrial noise survey, we’ll be able to tell you how likely your proposed installation will be to cause adverse impact. Factors that are significant for determining the outcome of an industrial noise assessment include: intended hours of operation, acoustic specifications of the unit being installed and proximity to the nearest neighbouring property (either residential or commercial). If the proposed installation does seem likely to cause adverse impact, we will provide you with tailored advice regarding cost-effective and realistic solutions to resolve the issue.

Our environmental noise surveys are performed in accordance with the latest regulations to ensure that you meet the environmental criteria set by your local authority. Although the expected standard required for an environmental noise survey varies, this typically includes BS 4142 or BS 7445. Both British Standards are methods for rating and assessing industrial or commercial noise.

Environmental noise surveys are required for new developments to ensure noise levels do not exceed specific noise levels for the local community. Your planning permission or environmental health officer will typically inform you of the specific standards that your need to fulfil.

To find out what would work best for you and your proposed installation or development, contact us to have chat with our expert team.

As an employer you are legally responsible for controlling the amount of noise that employees are exposed to during the working day. A noise at work surveys ensures that legal standards have been enforced, as well as ensuring that employees health and well-being is cared for. We follow the latest noise at work regulations and guidance to ensure that our clients fully comply with the necessary noise at work standards.

To find out what would work best for your workplace, contact us to have chat with our expert team.

A noise impact assessment is used to predict the impact that noise from your development will have on the surrounding area. There are many reasons that developments require a noise impact assessment. This could be anew construction project or extension of business hours. In both examples, you will need to know the likely impact that the project would have on the surrounding area.

Our team will determine the existing level of noise at the proposed development and predict the level of impact that the new proposal will have on this existing noise climate. The type of noise impact assessment methodology will vary depending on the type of noise source.